Professional training for:

  • Gun Club Members
  • Government Agencies
  • Military & Law
  • Security Industry

Our training courses include basic, combat and tactical pistol training, rifle/pistol transitions, retention and disarm techniques. Our focus is firearms training but we do three non-firearm related courses for the security industry.
(For a list of scheduled courses, check our BLOG.)

Our Mission: To be recognized as the 'go to' organization when high quality and outstanding performance oriented firearms training is required.

Integrity: We believe in what we do and we keep our word.

Professionalism: We are professionals and all that we do, say and project is designed to carry through on this concept.

Reputation: The Canadian Armed Forces, the Chief Provincial Firearms Office, Dominion of Canada Rifle Association and Canadian Shooting Sports Association have all recognized and acknowledged our ability to perform and deliver our commitments.

A feature not often found in courses of this type is the provision of video footage so the student can see and evaluate their own proformance. This feature is an 'add-on' available by client request.

Another of our key strengths is our instructor training program which allows course participants to build on their abilities to instruct on the material and skills acquired in one of our courses.

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